Emma: From Portland to Alexandria via Sweden

Emma grew up in Portland, Oregon, and found her way to west central Minnesota via Sweden. How she found her new job with the Pope/Douglas Solid Waste Management makes quite a traveling tale. Check it out!

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Is there an arts rural renaissance? Lend me your ear!

Rick performed in “Otter Tales - The Musical” in mid-September as part of Otter Tail County’s 150th anniversary celebration. He reflects on how the arts brings opportunities for us to participate - something that has been going on for decades.

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Frazee's Backyard Station defines small town retail

Roger Boe showed me around his downtown Frazee gift shop the other day. He talked about the products he carries and why someone would have a hard time finding a “made in China” sticker in his shop. This knife is made in Iowa, this bird feeder came from out east, and buyers of that heavy cast iron frying pan now have themselves a family heirloom

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Scott Kiemle