A trip to Browns Valley

Browns Valley, Minnesota

Browns Valley, Minnesota

If you look at the nine counties of west central Minnesota, Browns Valley is at the southwestern point.

I’ve been there numerous times, usually taking the 25-mile scenic route (highway 27) from Wheaton.

As you drive that stretch of highway, Lake Traverse sits on the right-hand side and the river bluffs of Minnesota sit to the left. Across the lake are the bluffs of South Dakota. Look closely, and you might spy some road art on those bluffs (left).


It’s one of those routes that you love to meander along, taking in the scenery, perhaps stopping at a park or boat launch. Traverse County Park is along the route and I’ve stopped there to eat my lunch more than once. It’s also amazing to take this trip during the different seasons. I’ve seen turkeys strutting in the spring, flower gardens blooming in the summer and amazing colors in the autumn landscape.

To say the town of Browns Valley has history is an understatement. Last year the community celebrate their 150th anniversary. Browns Valley lies on the Continental Divide (look around…it is indeed a valley) and between two man-made lakes: Traverse and Big Stone. That means water sports and great fishing!

Scott Kiemle