An afternoon in Barnesville

Barnesville, Minnesota

Barnesville, Minnesota


I spent an afternoon in Barnesville this week.

About 15 years ago, I bought a car in Barnesville. I’ve had lunch at the Eagle and the Purple Goose, I shopped at the hardware and antique stores. One lazy afternoon my wife and I traveled from Moorhead back to Fergus Falls using Highway 52 (and it turns into “old highway 52 after that) instead of I-94. Barnesville was the halfway point.

It’s a great community that I believe will really grow in the next many years. Why? Many reasons.

Barnesville is close to the Moorhead/Fargo metro area, offering a quick interstate commute to workers who want a small-town lifestyle. National studies say that one factor in where people choose to live is a desire to have access to the amenities offered in a city or larger community.

The Barnesville Record Review ran a special “Street Light” section featuring stories that paint a picture of a growing, progressive community. Included were profiles of two young families who chose the small-town life for their children, but at least one spouse in each case still works in Moorhead/Fargo.

That’s the type of stories and situations that we like to share at Live Wide Open.


The “Street Light” section also had several stories on local healthcare. I stopped by Valley Care and Rehab and visited with Mark Rustad, who along with his wife Debra, purchased the facility in 2015.

I was impressed with Mark’s story; they have doubled the number of nurses on staff in the last half year! That’s almost unheard of in this day of healthcare staffing challenges! But he talked about how they roll up their sleeves and work alongside staff, how they show appreciation and help make the employee experience the best it can be! I loved it!

Barnesville is another amazing community in west central Minnesota, another great place to call home! Is there a community that you love? Why? Let me know!

Scott Kiemle