Live Wide Open stories are everywhere!


There must be a name for the phenomenon I have been experiencing lately.

As I’m exploring west central Minnesota’s Live Wide Open territory, I’ve been talking to people about their roots, why they ended up where they are and what they love about where they live.

It’s fascinating to hear so many similar stories with so many different story lines. The ways people end up living where they want, where they feel at home, why they are where they are…very different paths for us all!

I talked with a manager for a manufacturer in Detroit Lakes last week, explaining how Live Wide Open is sharing stories of why people move to or back to this area. I’m an example of that, he smiled. Not only did he move back, but all his siblings left and moved back to the area as well! Fabulous!

Must be something in the water!

A young man, who I will soon profile on this site, grew up in the Grand Forks area, lived in the Twin Cities but longed to move back this way. He wanted to be in a smaller community and when he found his sweetheart, he joined her on her parent’s farm near Lake Park. He works in Detroit Lakes; she works in Moorhead/Fargo. The farm is in between. Perfect!

An elementary teacher I met this week grew up in northern Minnesota, but vacationed near Glenwood. She wanted to live where she vacationed. She made that happen years ago; she’s a longtime teacher in the Minnewaska schools. Awesome!

The point is that when you look for Live Wide Open stories, you find them. I”m an example, too! So ask around. Who has a good Live Wide Open story to share with me? I’m looking for guest bloggers! Contact me or simply write out a story about as long as this and let others know your story!

Scott Kiemle