Lunch with the editor

I had lunch with Ross Evavold last summer.

We ate outside in short sleeve shirts. Think of it as seven months and 80 degree ago. Doesn’t that sound nice right now?

Ross Evavold

Ross Evavold

Ross became the editor of the Alexandria Echo Press last year. He arrived via Chippewa Falls, Wis., where he worked on the Herald for many years. In fact, he’s worked for newspapers for nearly 30 years.

I asked him about the state of journalism today because I, too, once worked for a community newspaper.

“There will always be a need for a community newspaper,” he said.

He suggested that communities with local papers usually fare better than those without. “A community with a strong newspaper is a strong community,” he said.

One feels that Ross loves the life in smaller towns. Although he grew up in Circle Pines, just outside the Twin Cities, he spent a lot of time at his grand parent’s farm outside of Elbow Lake. Then he went to college at Winona State, again a mid-size city.

When he was looking for work a while back, he knew that Alexandria and Chippewa Falls were similar in many ways, a point not lost on him. “They are both the same size and are defined by so many wonderful people who are dedicated to making it a great place to live,” he said. So he felt the decision to move to Alexandria was right in line with the opportunities he was seeking.

And one of those opportunities is golfing. Ross can choose from a number of great golf courses within an easy drive of Alexandria, although I wouldn’t recommend it this month.

I would recommend sticking with his other passion: reading.

Communities with newspapers are lucky to have people like Ross. “We can cover things that affect the local community,” he says. “You won’t find that from the national media.”

So support your local newspaper. You can donate today.

It’s called subscribing.

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