So how did Megan decide to name her new Perham bookstore? - Part 2 of 2

by Megan Wells

Perham Willow Bookstore Owner

So people ask me how our store was named.

Megan Wells

Megan Wells

As a matter of fact, I would say this whole process started with a name.  The name would help create a theme and everything rolled from there. 

At the Florida retreat, where I learned about opening a bookstore, one of the first ideas that caught my attention was the “WOW” factor, the “did you see that in that store?”

For example, one of my bookstore tours was the Wild Rumpus in Minneapolis.  They are known for their animals in the bookstore and have a wood fort inside!  My kids loved it and, of course, they associate “the place with the chicken” as that bookstore! 

With this concept in mind, I ended up on an unused baby name that I loved: Willow.  I love willow trees, the name, Grandmother Willow from Pocahontas and this clicked with the “WOW” factor of having a tree in my store.

I knew this wasn’t a DIY kind of project and asked a photographer in the area if she knew of an artist who would be interested and she gave me her sister’s number.  Artist Cindee Lundin is from Perham and lives in Arizona.  She created the vision from my explanation about willow trees.  The timing fell into place as a job that she was doing nearby was completed, so she came to do the tree.  I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out! What a perfect place to tell a story!

Megan says when the “nerd” in her goes to book conferences, she might meet people like NBA legend Kobe Bryant!

Megan says when the “nerd” in her goes to book conferences, she might meet people like NBA legend Kobe Bryant!

This will be our first summer open and I am extremely excited to show the tourists the store.  We will have a few visits from special storybook characters, and will be participating in a few bookstore events.  All of our information will be on our Facebook page and our website 

Moving back to the area became a big priority after having my first child.  It makes you look at the future of this child and what type of life you want for them.  The Perham area is a great  community and I liked the idea that I knew the schools, and the sports programs, and the surrounding businesses, and the people.  I liked that sense of security of what “small piece of the world” my kids would see and grow up in.

Read Part One: Megan’s journey to bookstore owner begins. Megan invites you to stop by her store or interact with her on social media. Search “Willow Bookstore Perham.”

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