Chelsea plans a busy summer behind the camera lens

EDITOR’S NOTE: Two University of Minnesota- Morris students will be Live Wide Open interns this summer! Their job will be to take photos, videos and write blogs about west central Minnesota. Here’s Chelsea!

by Chelsea

Chelsea (left) and Isabel are Live Wide Open summer interns!

Chelsea (left) and Isabel are Live Wide Open summer interns!

As college students at the University of Minnesota, Morris, being a part of a small town environment is the bread and butter of off-campus life. Unlike my summer intern partner Isabel, I grew up primarily in Minneapolis, meaning small town life was a big change for me.

I was not really sure what Live Wide Open meant to me when I was first asked to take on the project. The bustling city life did not offer much thought of “wide open” and it was all I had ever known. After I initially applied for the internship, I decided to walk about Morris and try to understand the concept.

I now realize that Live Wide Open to me means more than just living in open spaces; it's living with open arms and open hearts.

I could see families on bike rides, shop owners chatting with customers, townspeople casually walking around town, nowhere to go but happy to be there. All the things that I valued while living in the city had just as much value here, if not more, and the beauty of a town like Morris could come from things other than buildings. If one walk could shift my perspective so much, then I could truly see the tremendous value a small town could offer.

I am very excited to work with Live Wide Open this summer to highlight how amazing the rural Minnesota life can be. I hope to show amazing families, talented artists, creative events, quirky townspeople and so much more on my journey throughout west central Minnesota.

I am ecstatic to share it with the world through this Live Wide Open project. If you have any questions for me about our weekly trips around the West Central area, feel free to contact us through this website!

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