Isabel brings South Dakota to Minnesota

EDITOR’S NOTE: Two University of Minnesota- Morris students will be Live Wide Open interns this summer! Their job will be to take photos, videos and write blogs about west central Minnesota. Here’s Isabel!

Chelsea (left) and Isabel will be traveling the region this summer, cameras in hand!

Chelsea (left) and Isabel will be traveling the region this summer, cameras in hand!

by Isabel

Coming from a town in South Dakota, quite similar in size to Alexandria, community has always been a very important aspect of my life.

This is only being elevated since becoming a student at the University of Minnesota-Morris. The on-campus community is closer than any I’ve ever experienced. The diversity present in this area is some of the greatest I’ve seen in such small communities.

This close community is more than just the campus, extending into Morris. And I feel the diversity in this area is what makes it so great to live in west central Minnesota!

Showing people why west central Minnesota is such a great place to live in is why I am so excited to work on this project! The name Live Wide Open means so much to me as it is how I was raised and how I aspire to keep living my life.

Live Wide Open is more than just living in the outdoors, it's about living in open communities. Communities committed to each other, ready and willing to help one another out. It's the ability to start a conversation with the person in line behind you, the ability to actually know your neighbors, the ability to feel a part of something and feeling like you belong.

This is why I am so excited to travel with Chelsea to experience these open communities. I want to show everyone else why I love west central Minnesota so much and why it's such a great place to live.

If you have any question or suggestions for me and Chelsea's trips please contact us through this website!

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