A Taste of Latin America in Perham

by Isabel Montemayor, Univ. of MN-Morris Summer 2019 Intern

The welcome sign is out!

The welcome sign is out!

Lourdes Escareño grew up in “the heart of Mexico.”

She has now set up shop in the heart of Perham!

Escareño’s hometown of Guanajuato is in central Mexico and known for its silver mining history and colonial architecture.

Now living in Perham, Lourdes saw opportunity in the multi-cultural make-up of Perham and recently opened up a small Mexican tienda (store) in the ITOW Veterans Museum on Main Street.

Lula's Mexicana Tienda contains things such as groceries, toys, cleaning products, produce and candy. You’ll even find tortillas and fresh baked Mexican sweets

Escareño noticed there was a lack of Latin America goods in Perham and immediately opened her store. Since then, many items have had to be restocked, almost on a daily basis.

There has been constant requests from residents who come from other Latin American countries to have their own traditional foods and items.

The store has been shown to serve its purpose, bringing a slice of home to Latin American residents in Perham.

For me it was very reminiscent of the Mexican tiendas I frequented throughout my childhood, and I couldn't help but grab a piece of pan and a Jarritos soda before I left.

Experience a taste of Latin America in Perham!

Experience a taste of Latin America in Perham!

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