She hopes "Welcome to Glenwood" is heard again and again!

Welcome to Glenwood!

That’s what we hope all of our new residents hear when they decide to make their new home here! They obviously made a GREAT decision.

Kay Blauert

Kay Blauert

Our community welcome program started in 2013 under the Glenwood Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce. This effort was one way to help newcomers connect with their new community. During each visit to new residents or businesses, our team members present an information folder plus a gift bag provided by chamber members.

Currently the program is part of the Glenwood Lakes Area Welcome Center. We continue to reach out, having engaged more than 150 new residents or businesses in the last few years.

This spring applied for and received a West Central Initiative Changemakers grant to expand our already successful welcome program.

So this summer we are focusing on expanding our welcoming efforts! In June we had a Newcomers Kick-Off pizza party event at Lakeside that was had more than 70 people in attendance. We had pre-registrations, but we welcomed walk-ins…boy, did we ever! We ran out of registrations and had to run and pick up many more pizzas - 21 total! It was really an exciting event to see so many newcomers at one time! It was an awesome family event.

One cute story was that one of our Chamber members in real estate is very outgoing and was so gracious to invite new people to this event, but didn’t think about the reservation or letting us know ahead of time. All in all it worked out.

We have now officially organized a Glenwood Lakes Area Newcomers Group. Specific interest group activities are starting to take place and new friendships are being made.

It’s been fun and exciting to learn why these new residents chose the Glenwood area.  Some of the reasons I’ve heard are:  closer to family, really like the area, saw the lake coming in to town, tired of traffic in the cities, daycare costs too high elsewhere, great place to fish, golf, hunt.  Each story is unique!

I believe Live Wide Open is another opportunity to extend a “welcome “or a “welcome back” to area residents. So what do you think of when you hear the words Live Wide Open?

I have my own Live Wide Open story. I came back seven and a half years ago after 24 years away to be closer to family.  My husband’s grandparents had a cabin on Lake Minnewaska when he was growing up, so he always wanted to live in this area.  We are both enjoying our life here; peace, quiet and beautiful sunsets.

And maybe best of all, I get to say “Welcome to Glenwood!”

Kay Blauert, Director

Glenwood Lakes Area Welcome Center