A visit to the Stevens County Fair

by Isabel, Summer Intern

You can count on attending the Stevens County Fair early August every year.


This year brought in people looking for fun from all over and even outside of Stevens County. It was more than just a livestock showing and included various acts, such as the award-winning Tonic Solfa, the stupefying Magic Joe Productions, The Strong Man, a demo derby and BMX Mega Jump Shows! This of course in addition to the fun carnival and delicious food vendors present.

On Tuesday the fair started off with a bang with a community meal hosted at Lee Community center before a companion animal show and the first of the Tonic Solfa concerts.

Tonic Solfa is a Minnesota based quartet whose CD’s have sold over 2 million copies. They have gone on tours across the nation and abroad. I love how they get the crowd involved along with their amazing harmonies!

Wednesday the Stevens County Fair Petting Zoo opened, a personal favorite of mine with adorable and friendly animals ranging from camels to goats and the less friendly emus. Wednesday was also the first day for Magic Joe Productions and The Strong Man.

Magic Joe has over 20 years of experience as a magician, the world's oldest form of art. He has been invited to the Magic Castle, the world famous Academy of Magical Arts, and is an active member of the Society of American Magicians.

The Strong Man “bed of nails” trick!

The Strong Man “bed of nails” trick!

The Strong Man is an amazing show featuring traditional strong man acts such as steel bending and carrying large amounts of weight, including children. For John Beatty this is only a side act as his full time job is as a nurse! I had the pleasure of seeing this show in person twice (as each show is different!) and I think the most amazing thing I saw was when John laid down on a bed of nails with a full grown man standing on his chest! 

Friday featured BMX Mega Jump Shows. It is simply amazing to see how many times they could spin midair. There was also the special guest feature of the Minnesota VIkings Cheerleader outside of the Lee Center to take pictures with a long line of fans. Sunday, the last day of the fair started with a church service and ended with the Heartland Motors Demo Derby. 

Besides these amazing performances the Stevens County Fair had many of the traditional county fair activities. Including cattle and 4-H shows and homemaker’s exhibits.

I really enjoyed my trips to the Stevens County fair and will definitely be coming back next year! That same experience is available at our county fairs throughout west central Minnesota!