Move to Battle Lake? My answer was YES!

by Nicole Larson, Guest Blogger

Nicole and her son

Nicole and her son

My name is Nicole Larson and my husband Brent and I have lived in Battle Lake for over 10 years.

When I first met Brent he told me about a wonderful place that he went every summer. He had lots of friends there and even family. He talked about the amazing fishing and the rolling hills. He made it sound like heaven!

I lived in East Bethel and Brent lived in Ham Lake, both near the Twin Cities when we met. After we started dating, that first summer he took me to that amazing place. Yes, it has a name: Battle Lake!

Brent’s uncle Blaine Larson lived in a lake home there and that’s where we stayed.  I remember sitting on the dock being blown away at how clear the water was. Brent and his uncle were fishing in a tournament so I stayed back and painted on the dock with Battle Lake as my inspiration. 

We fished and spent a lot of fishing time on the water catching walleye and photographing the area. The following summer Brent asked me if I would ever want to live in Battle Lake. Of course my answer was yes! It just so happened that my work had closed its doors so it wasn’t a hard decision for me. 

Nicole paints on feathers

Nicole paints on feathers

Most of my life has revolved around hunting and fishing so I was excited to make the move. Otter Tail County was indeed a paradise to us.

A work of art.

A work of art.

I began looking for a job before we moved and made a trip up for an interview. I was offered the job before I left town and told my husband the good news. I remember it wasn’t long after that before we were packing and heading up north. 

Brent was construction by trade so he had friends who were in the business and he knew he could easily find a job, which he did a week later.

It was a little scary at first I’ll admit because I left my Twin Cities family behind. But it’s only a short three hour drive to see them again. For the most part everything went smooth and we were able to get permission on properties to bow hunt. We made a lot of new friends in a very short amount of time.

After working in the dental field for eight years I decided to take a leap of faith and after having my baby boy I made the decision to stay home and started working on my art.

It’s been a dream come true! I live in lakes country, we have deer in the backyard every day and I can paint and be inspired by looking out my window. 

We can go out in the evenings and catch walleye for dinner. I can photograph fish and wildlife all around us and have those inspiring images for my next piece of art! 

We live near Glendalough State Park and spend a lot of time there. We are raising our son in God’s country! There are wonderful schools and great communities around us.

I’m excited to grow in my art career and hopefully expand it. But for now I’m content doing a little bit here and there and raising our son.

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