Rural Policy Report: Chances to Find Good Paying Job Best in 20 Years

It's always interesting to play with data. The Center for Rural Policy and Development has taken on the workforce issue in Greater Minnesota in a 3-part series that will conclude next spring, but in their first segment, researcher Kelly Asche throws out a few data tidbits:

Click on the image to go to the full report.

Click on the image to go to the full report.

  • "There are currently more opportunities to find well-paying employment in Greater Minnesota than at any point in the last twenty years. The big question is whether people know about these opportunities, or if the old narrative that there aren’t any opportunities in Greater Minnesota still dominates, keeping people from exploring these regions."

  • "A conventional belief around job vacancies in Greater Minnesota has been that they are largely low-wage, part-time, low-skilled positions that don’t offer health care benefits. This stems from the fact that the percentage of job vacancies that are this type is in fact increasing. The data show, however, that the actual number of vacancies offering full-time work, health care benefits, and/or requiring post-secondary education is higher now than in 2005—significantly higher

And finally, a little something that should seem familiar:

  • Increasing immigration and in-migration: in an effort to recruit urban dwellers who might be interested in living in a rural area, an increasing number of regions are recognizing the importance of reclaiming their narratives and marketing their regions as great places to live. In addition, more engagement is occurring with immigrant populations to help community relations and entice more immigration into the region. 

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