Clay County boasts the largest city in northwest Minnesota in Moorhead, part of the Moorhead-Fargo urban center (population 200,699).

Dilworth City Administrator, Peyton Mastera, talks about what it means to "Live Wide Open" and express yourself freely in Dilworth Minnesota... Peyton: "When I hear the terminology like 'Live Wide Open', it's freedom to express yourself.

Why is that important? For west central folks, having Moorhead’s “big city” amenities a short drive away really adds value to our quality of life. It provides a “big city” experience shopping, dining or a chance to attend big name music concerts and unique regional events. The metro area boasts four higher learning institutions (and all the benefits for residents associate with that!), plus state-of-the-art medical facilities.

Clay County is a veritable playground for the entire region. Start with Moorhead’s Historical and Cultural Society of Clay County which has incredible programming and a museum that houses a full size Viking ship replica! Parks, walkways, bikeways, coffee shops…you name it – Moorhead has it all.

But while the western edge of Clay County bumps up against the Red River Valley’s urban flavor, the rest of the county boasts great small communities, vibrant farms and many chances for recreation, jobs and country living – or a country experience. We’re talking about the Western Minnesota Steam Thresher’s Reunion, held in Rollag each fall. It’s one of the largest annual celebrations of the “old time” way of harvesting grain, an experience like no other. And Barnesville's Potato Days brings more than 20,000 people annually to the community for this two-day event.

Geographically, Clay County is well connected by the interstate corridors (I-94 and I-29), freight and passenger rail service, and Hector International Airport. Discover why Clay County has a favorable business climate (check out the Small Business Development Center at Concordia College!) and ample housing choices in urban as well as rural settings.

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