The term “Minnesota Nice” didn’t start in Pope County, but you wouldn’t know it from your experiences there.


Whether you are a visitor, a new or long-time resident, or exploring places to call home, Pope County offers a little bit of everything.

While the county has mostly an agriculture-based economy, many manufacturers, both big and small, with facilities in several towns, produce goods that ship worldwide. And think of this: you can live in the country or a very small, friendly town, and find a good-paying manufacturing job. No rush hours, no stress, lots to do, everything close by...perfect!

A state-of-the-art hospital and numerous healthcare facilities offer peace of mind for your health. And if you’re looking for something to do, check out the recreational opportunities on water (lakes), land (parks) and hills (trails). And don't forget to be active each winter at Barsness Park with cross country skiing and snowshoeing on groomed trails!

Love the arts? History? Music? The area has that to offer as well through galleries, shops, theatres and a fascinating museum. And regional schools have been updated with the latest in technology, yet still focus on the basics with top-notch educational choices for families.

The City of Glenwood, sitting on the eastern shores of Lake Minnewaska, acts as the county capital. And town of Starbuck rests on the western shores. So maybe you haven’t heard of Cyrus, Villard, Sedan, Grove Lake, Terrance or Lowry. That’s ok; it gives you communities to explore, pick a cafe for lunch and check out the local shops.

So we invite you to learn and discover the nooks and crannies of Pope County. You'lll like what you find!

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Pope County


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