For Todd, moving back to Fergus Falls was a no-brainer

Todd Broyles is back home.

Todd takes up the back of the canoe as the rest of his family enjoys this summer lake adventure.

Todd takes up the back of the canoe as the rest of his family enjoys this summer lake adventure.

A 1986 Fergus Falls High School graduate, Todd’s life journey is comprised of diverse colleges, various jobs, a military career, different hometowns plus travels far and wide for work.

Yet with all those experiences, Todd remained true to his roots. That feeling of “home” just wasn’t anywhere else.

And a couple years ago, he found his way home.

Now Vice President at Security State Bank in Fergus Falls, Todd reflects back.

A self-professed lover of learning, Todd started at the community college (now M-State), then scored a bachelor’s degree in Engineering Physics from North Dakota State University and, following that, earned a master’s from the University of Wyoming in Geophysics.

“I still wasn’t sure what I wanted to do,” he laughs. “In grad school I met and married a local Laramie girl - Niki” but the job opportunities were limited. Geophysics was perfect for gas and oil industry jobs. But in the mid 1990s, oil prices were depressed and hiring was down.

In the back of his mind, Todd had always been interested in the military. “My dad was in the Navy” and other relatives had served, so with his background, Todd applied for a commission through the Air Force’s Officer Training School. Twenty-one years later - think years of working with high-tech nuclear warheads, operating and maintaining intercontinental ballistic missiles and communication satellites, and a lot of moving around - Todd retired from service.

But years earlier, Todd and Niki considered where they wanted to “end up one day” when that retirement time arrived. “We loved small towns, we loved family and the lakes and the seasons. We knew we wanted to live back around Fergus Falls,” Todd said. So they purchased a lake lot near Fergus Falls and when the day arrived to retire from the military - more than a dozen years later - they landed home.

“It’s the intangibles that appeal to me,” Todd says. “It just feels like home. It feels like community. It feels like I know people better here than in all the other places I lived.”

Todd lets his son pretend to ride.

Todd lets his son pretend to ride.

And he never stops learning. In the military, he found a new passion for numbers and finance. When he came back home, he dropped a resume off at Security State Bank and while there were no openings advertised, as Executive Vice President Scott DeBrito says, when someone with Todd’s background knocks on the door, you sit up and pay attention. Hired!

“I love the community bank,” Todd says. “I think most people have been exposed to an on-line bank or what you might call a big box bank, but there's something special about a community bank where we know our customers and they know us at a deeper level.  That relationship allows us to give our customers very personalized attention to find individual solutions that meet their unique financial needs.”

You might call it the hometown feeling he was looking for.

And that’s what he found.