Congrats Pelican Rapids Realtor of the Year Arianna Zavala

Arianna Zavala, Lakes Country Association Realtor

When Arianna Zavala was named 2017 Lakes Country Association Realtor of the Year, no one was more surprised than her. As a realtor entering her 11th year, she didn’t expect it, or at least not so soon. “I thought maybe after 20-30 years it might happen.”

Yet one might say Arianna has been exceeding expectations all her life. She was only six when her family moved from Mexico to Pelican Rapids. “My father had heard good things about Pelican, that it reminded us of our own small town in Mexico,” she said. “It’s peaceful, safe and everybody knows each other.”

Initially, her parents struggled with English so little Arianna translated. She remembers helping her parents communicate in purchasing a home. “I was a translator in third grade working with these big words,” she said.

Perhaps those property transactions piqued her interest in real estate. After all, those bilingual skills have served her well throughout her life, graduating from Pelican Rapids high school, M-State college and moving into real estate sales in the only town she has known.

When pointed out that her bilingual skills would be valuable anywhere, Arianna laughs. “Yes, I’ve thought of that,” she says. “But seriously, I can’t wait to get home every day. I like cities, but I don’t know if I could live there.”

Arianna pauses when considering Live Wide Open.  “What resonates with me when I hear Live Wide Open is that I can imagine all the lakes we have and the lifestyle.” And as a realtor, Arianna admits to being a people person. So what would she recommend to someone looking to move to the region? “Know what the community has to offer,” she says.

And talk to someone who has a huge crush for their town. Someone like Arianna Zavala.

Steve Henning