Home is "a beautiful area with beautiful people" for Jasmine Sonmor

Jasmine Sonmor, Aura Fabricators

Nestled in farm country near Dalton, Minnesota, Aura Fabricators is thriving with Jasmine Sonmor at the helm. The young president and CEO of the metal fabricating company understands the business and has been working hard to grow her company ever since she took over White Oak Metals’ operations in March of 2015.

Jasmine was born in Fergus Falls and graduated from Underwood High School in 2010. She attended North Dakota State University, where she obtained a civil engineering degree in 2014, but she knew she wanted to return to her home in west central Minnesota. Although she loved city nightlife, she and her husband didn’t want to give up the lake country summers, the great schools or, most importantly, the people. She moved back to Fergus Falls and established her company, Aura Fabricators, in 2014, which took over all operations of White Oak Metals—where she had worked since she was 13—from her father as President and CEO. Her husband, who was “itching to get back” to the area, became Aura’s purchasing manager.

Aura does a lot of business with the Department of Transportation, and many of their materials are used in the Twin Cities Metro area. Jasmine knows that she could locate her business pretty much anywhere, but she chose to stay in west central Minnesota because it is a “beautiful area with beautiful people.” She knows that the people here are hard working, genuine and loyal, which makes it easier to find people that she trusts to work for her. This loyalty to the region and to her employees has clearly worked for her and her company. When a major competitor went out of business and left contractors high and dry, Jasmine and Aura stepped in and took on those projects, which doubled Aura’s volume of output. The company is also expanding and plans to open a new facility in Fergus Falls and significantly increase its workforce in the coming year.

“People from the bigger cities just don’t know what there is to offer here,” she said. “Most just don’t understand what living wide open can mean for them.” Enjoying the open spaces, knowing and caring people, and being surrounded by opportunity are all reasons Jasmine chose a Live Wide Open life. She likes having the ability to drive almost anywhere in the region with little to no traffic and the close proximity of the metropolitan areas she left behind. Jasmine also likes living in an area where she knows her son is surrounded by good people and plenty of opportunity. The ability to choose from several different great schools is important to her as her son reaches school age, as is the multitude of sports, clubs and activities her son can be involved in. Jasmine knows that when you live here, you understand how life in west central Minnesota is as good as it gets.

Steve Henning