Jeremy Petrick finds work-life balance in Fergus Falls

Jeremy Lee Petrick, Fergus Falls photrapher

Moving from a busy city life to the Fergus Falls area meant more sunsets and nature walks for photographer Jeremy Lee Petrick and his wife and children.

“Living here has allowed us to take a deep breath,” he said. “Living wide open to us means taking the foot off the accelerator and enjoying the little things in life.”

Jeremy and his wife, JoEllen, grew up in small towns in western North Dakota. He gained a graduate degree in clinical exercise science from Eastern Illinois University, then ran the cardiopulmonary lab at the University of Minnesota. There he met his wife, a medical resident. For 10 years, he worked for patients who received Boston Scientific’s pacemakers and/or defibrillator. She worked as a cardiologist. Their careers required them to live in Minneapolis and St. Louis, then Fargo. Work often kept them away from home on nights and weekends.

“Finally we had enough and decided family had to come before careers,” he said. “Our move to Fergus was probably one of the best decisions we could have made.”

Jeremy switched careers, pursuing a passion for photography. He arrived in town without any clients, but within a year in Fergus Falls, his business was thriving.

Even with plenty of clients, his family still finds a much better work-life balance in west central Minnesota, with their children Zoey, 6, Paizley, 3 and Porter, 1.

The best part of the area for them is the outdoors.

“There are so many great lakes and trails to explore,” Jeremy said. “Also, I think the public schools here are exceptional. It’s just a great place to raise kids.”

Steve Henning