Julie Sachs traded suburbs for Pelican Rapids "and never looked back"

Julie Sachs, Pelican Rapids

Julie Sachs left the Twin Cities for Pelican Rapids and has never regretted it.

“The big cities are fun to visit, but for ‘real living’ you can’t beat rural Minnesota!” said the grandmother and lake lover.

Julie was born and raised in a small rural community. Wanting to escape small-town chatter, she moved to Burnsville, a southern suburb of the Twin Cities.

“It is hard to get to know people in a big city,” she said. “The pace is deafening as you scramble to get from Point A to Point B, often sitting in traffic jams. Not knowing people compounds itself when you have children and need a daycare you can trust.”

She realized that, while small-town neighbors might know more about you than you like, they also offer support and acceptance.

“People know your name and care how you are doing,” she said.

For Julie, “Living Wide Open” means easier travel, no gridlock traffic, and more time for her grandchildren, fishing, dogs and the lake. It also means more time to transform garden produce into culinary masterpieces.

“We moved back to the rural area and never looked back,” she said.

Steve Henning