Lake living drew Dan Jahn to Starbuck

Dan Jahn, Peddler Dan's General Store

Lakes and small-town living drew Dan Jahn to Starbuck, where he opened Peddler Dan’s General Store five years ago. He had spent most of his life in Clarkfield, a southwestern Minnesota town where he served as mayor and owned two restaurants with his wife. Now he spends his days cracking Norwegian jokes with customers and his evenings fishing and swimming.

“My grandfather had a cabin on Lake Minnewaska and I was a little familiar with the area,” he said. “I go home at night and throw a line off the dock. You can make a living anywhere, but it’s nice to make it in a beautiful area.”

His store has thrived in the small Pope County city, home to about 1,300 people. He just bought an adjacent building for storage. He sells fidget spinners (if you have to ask, you’re not in fifth grade), $2 T-shirts, and $1 memberships to the Lake Minnewaska Sasquatch Association, which has signed up about 300 members nationwide. (Association funds go to charity.)

Many of the people he has met in Starbuck are talented, creative people who choose an unhurried pace of life. His physician, Dr. Robert Bosl, was named 2013 Country Doctor of the Year.

“Little towns can fool ya, the talent that’s hidden there,” Dan says.

Steve Henning