Natasha Nodsle loves "living in vacation land"

Natasha Nodsle, SJE Rhombus

While Natasha Nodsle didn’t expect to stay in west central Minnesota long when she started her career at SJE Rhombus, the liquid solutions control manufacturer in Detroit Lakes, she is glad she didn’t leave. Her plan was to come back to the area where she grew up, work for a few years to gain experience, and move down to the Twin Cities like many of her friends. However, the opportunities, experiences and life presented to her in west central Minnesota turned out to be far greater than she expected.

Natasha grew up in Perham, where she attended Perham High School and graduated in 1994. She was intrigued by the process of interviewing, which led her to her career in human resources. After high school, she attended Winona State for her Associate of Arts degree, Moorhead State for her Bachelor’s in Business Management and Psychology, and the University of Mary for her Master’s in Management. She took a job at SJE-Rhombus as a HR Assistant in 1998, back when SJE-Rhombus had one location and around 175 employees. Since then, Natasha’s career has grown with the company. SJE-Rhombus now operates in eight locations, including one in Asia, and has more than 400 employees. As the company grew, Natasha advanced her career from a Human Resources Assistant to the Director of Human Resources, all without having to leave SJE-Rhombus. Although her initial plan was to gain experience and head to the Twin Cities, the prospect of becoming vested in the employee-owned company led her to stay longer, and a blind date with the man who would later become her husband pretty much sealed Natasha’s place in the Detroit Lakes area.

Many of Natasha’s friends from high school and college are now moving to the west central Minnesota region after spending some time in bigger cities like Minneapolis or Fargo. Less car time, a lower cost of living, and an overall easier lifestyle seem to be bringing them out of metropolitan areas as they look to their families’ future. Natasha and her husband both have family in the area, which was one of the reasons they decided to stay.

For Natasha, “living in vacation land, being able to come home and pontoon on a Tuesday night, no traffic and the amazing community” are some of the biggest draws to living here. She lives on an area lake where she enjoys boating in the summer and loves skiing and snowmobiling in the winter. Natasha is also involved in many activities as part of the Rotary club, HR groups, the American Heart Walk, a kickball team and a softball team, as well as volunteering in the community. When she needs to get out of town, it’s easy for her to take a day trip to Fargo or the Twin Cities.

West central Minnesota provided Natasha Nodsle with all of the opportunities she needed. A progressive and stable career, plenty of opportunities to get involved with the community, and the space to live the way she wants are all a part of why she says that where she lives is “Exactly where you want to be.”

Steve Henning