Surprise! Sharing her love of rural life prompted a 1,000-mile move

Deanne Jorgensen, Maneframe Salon

The Live Wide Open movement has a champion in Deanne Jorgensen. Not only has she returned to live in the place she loved to visit as a child, but she wants others to know about it.

So much so, that while working in Dallas, she sold a Texan on moving to Minnesota.

We’ll get to that story in a moment.

Deanne, or Deedee as she is known, owns and operates the Maneframe Salon & Boutique shop on the east side of Elbow Lake.  She has moved around a bit getting here, living in the Twin Cities and Dallas and Boston. But now she can’t imagine why people don’t migrate to the Midwest.

Technology allows husband Todd to live the lifestyle they want on a little farm acreage in the country outside of Elbow Lake. Prior to that move, they lived in Boston. “But we lived so close together, you could look right into the brownstone house next door.

“We were deciding what to do when I heard a story on the radio about the best and worst places to live in the United States. They said the east and west coasts were the worst, and the best was the middle. It was like a sign from heaven,” Deedee says.

About the same time, Todd was told he could live anywhere and telecommute. Talk about a gift!

“It’s amazing. He just needed an office in our home and he can be in meetings and conference calls and use email to communicate and run a region for this huge company. So he lives in Grant County and works for a Boston corporation. Amazing!”

Deanne has defied the odds, too. “People said I couldn’t make a living being a hairstylist in Elbow Lake.” Not only has she survived, but she has thrived, relying on years of experience and a knack for connecting with customers. She recalls as a child going to church in Hoffman and telling her mother that she was going to “fix” hair on the ladies in the pews. “It’s a great way to make a living,” she says.

It’s also a great way to meet people, which brings us back to her status as a Live Wide Open champion. Let’s let Deedee tell it:

“This customer of mine in Dallas said ‘You talk so much about this little slice of heaven up in Minnesota. Why don’t you bring me some information on it?’ So I gave her some brochures and information. I didn’t see her for months, but one day her daughter came in and I said ‘Where’s your mom, I haven’t seen her for weeks and she used to come in every month,’ and she says ‘Oh, she moved to some little town in Minnesota called Elbow Lake,’ and I said, ‘You have got to be kidding me!'”

So if you ever wondered why you should live in small town, stop by the Elbow Lake Maneframe Salon & Boutique and ask Deedee. She’ll be happy to share her story.

Steve Henning