Perham's new chiropractor couple found fate and a home

Nick Mitchell, Salathe chiropractic

When Perham’s long-time Salathe chiropractic practice changed hands in late 2017, Carissa and Nick Mitchell took over the reins.

For Carissa, it was something she always wanted to do. “In sixth grade (in Sebeka) I knew I wanted to be a chiropractor when I grew up. I went with my dad to the chiropractor, and I just fell in love with it.”

In sixth grade outside Chicago, Nick surely wasn’t thinking that way. Later in his student life he says “I was a 3-sport athlete and had a college football scholarship in Michigan, so I knew about healthcare. A family friend said I would make a good chiropractor.” Nick says he is “research-oriented” so he followed up on that suggestion.

Which turned out not only as a good career choice, but one of fate.

Long story short, both Nick and Carissa enrolled in the Palmer Chiropractic College in Iowa. They met in one of their first classes, kept seeing each other in the occasional class and when their entire daily schedule clicked together…so did they.

Now running the AIM Chiropractic Clinic  in Perham, the couple is also clicking with patients. During this interview, time was given to a client who dropped in, found a welcome “adjustment,” then on the way out gave both Nick and Carissa intricate homemade corded bracelets (see photo). “People are so nice. You wouldn’t see that in the city,” Carissa noted.

After college, the couple lived and worked in Michigan for a couple years, but the lure of family and wide open spaces was too much to ignore. And while Carissa knew what “back home” meant, husband Nick found himself enamored with the area, as well. “I was sick of driving, the overstimulation of the city,” he said. “Here you don’t feel the rat race around you 24-7. People are patient, understanding.”

“There’s such a sense of community here,” Carissa adds. “I like that you can go to the grocery store and probably recognize 90 percent of the people there.”

The AIM Chiro couple said the Live Wide Open movement resonates with them. “It gives you the sense that anything possible, that you can do anything. Free, wide open spaces,” Carissa said.

In the near future, Nick and Carissa hope to start a family, want to volunteer and get involved more with the community and the schools. “Perham is a progressive community,” Nick said. “They work hard and there is such a sense of community. People really take pride in the town.”

Steve Henning