Opening a Pelican Rapids shop feels right for Jodi

Jodi Jendrysik, women's boutique

A new women’s boutique store opened in downtown Pelican Rapids this year. “Lilly & Rose” owner Jodi Jendrysik is fulfilling her retail dream and is looking forward to helping downtown Pelican Rapids thrive.

And she laughs when asked about her background. “It has absolutely nothing to do with retail,” Jodi smiles. Maybe not, Jodi, but everyone in Pelican Rapids is happy to have their newest entrepreneur.

In fact, as Jodi tells the story, another business owner in town sold her on opening in Pelican Rapids. “I was looking to open my women’s clothing business and I toured a couple potential locations in the region,” she said. “Some said opening a business would make more sense in a larger community,” she continued, “But I just kept coming back to Pelican Rapids.”

Jodi’s “ah-ha!” moment came when she inquired about leasing a retail spot. She was curious about doing business in Pelican Rapids. “The owner (of the space she was looking to lease) said to talk to other business owners to see if it was a doable,” she said.  So Jodi walks down to the corner shop and talks to the owner. “The owner made it so interesting and appealing, so welcoming that I knew right away this was where I wanted to be.” Jodi called her husband Jason and announced the happy decision.

And in 2018, “Lilly & Rose” opened for business.

Jodi may not have had much experience in retail – well, her sister has a boutique if that counts –  but she did have experience in management and business ownership. Her family moved from a small town in Kansas to be closer to family scattered about in Minnesota (and Fargo). She grew up in Wisconsin, so she was familiar with woods and waters.

Fate not only stepped in to help her open her business, but it may also have helped get their family to the area. Years ago, toying with the idea of moving to Minnesota, Jodi threw out an application to a Detroit Lakes business. Suprisingly, that started to look promising, but then Jason found a job and it was time to move north. “We had faith that everything would work out.”

How does the area compare to her Kansas home? “I love small towns, but I love everything about this area, the quality of life, the seasons, all the people are so nice,” she said. “I love being able to go the the grocery store and see people you know. I just prefer small communities.”

In the future, Jodi wants to learn more about local shopping habits and what works in a small town boutique. Chances are she’ll get there because so far, both fate and faith have combined to bring her to Pelican Rapids.

(Editor’s Note: Find Lilly & Rose on the web and on Facebook. Better yet, stop downtown Pelican Rapids, right along the river!)