Peace of Mind in Perham

Brett and Michaela with children Kaylee (16), Henrik (3), and Anika (6 mo.)

Brett and Michaela with children Kaylee (16), Henrik (3), and Anika (6 mo.)

By Brenan Chase

Brett Glawe takes a call early in the morning from his local Perham mechanic. He listens with no thought in his mind of his mechanic, friend, and fellow Rotarian trying to “take him to the cleaners.” Brett says it's one of the perks of small-town living.  

Brett and his wife Michaela are no strangers to living in west central Minnesota, where both of their childhood memories were made. Brett is a 2000 graduate of Perham High School, while Michaela is a 2003 graduate of Frazee-Vergas High School. 

Both went off to school, and with that, were immersed in big-city life. Some of the cities include Chicago, Moorhead and Minneapolis.  

The couple got married in 2010, and from there, moved to Des Moines for work. After 5 years in Iowa, both decided the move back to west central MN was inevitable. The city life was getting too stressful and wasn't giving the family enough time to "smell the roses." 

Thankfully, a position opened at Perham Health for Brett, and the move was made.  

Brett is now a general surgeon for Perham Health. On top of work, Brett is also involved in the Perham Rotary. Michaela is a stay-at-home mom, taking care of their three children during the day. 

Coming to Perham provided the family with so many new perks that life in other places couldn't include. These items included having the ability to see family regularly, being around the lakes, and getting involved in a community. 

"As you immerse yourself in your town, you get to know many people from all over the area," Brett says. Michaela adds "We know so many different people around Perham, living here allows us to meet people of all lifestyles." 

The Glawes say wherever they were before never truly felt like home. "We went off to all these big cities for school and work. None of them were ever considered home. The Perham area was what we called home." 

Michaela and Brett say they love to do "typical Minnesota activities." Hunting, fishing, going to the lake, and staying at the cabin are just a few items on their list of activities in the area.   

When the Glawes hear Live Wide Open, they think about making sure their children experience the same type of childhood that they had growing up in small communities. "We both really enjoyed our upbringing, and we want to give that to our kids," says Brett.   

Moving to Perham has brought an abundance of perks to the Glawe family, even including a "bad news" call from a mechanic early in the morning.  

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