Chelsea's Plan B took her to Morris where she found Plan A…the Altar!

Chelsea and Todd

Chelsea and Todd

As a newly minted occupational therapy graduate a few years back, Chelsea Hodenfield knew what she wanted to do: outpatient therapy. Her hometown of Sioux Falls beckoned. After all, what 20-something single grad wouldn’t want to work in a big city?

But what Chelsea didn’t know was that those types of jobs in larger cities were hard to land fresh out of college. “Everyone wants those jobs,” she mused, especially in larger cities.

So when Chelsea discovered no openings for outpatient therapists in and around Sioux Falls, she took it in stride. She simply went to plan B.

Chelsea remembers a visit from Tierra Hansen, a recruiter from Big Stone Therapies of Big Stone City, S.D. That connection helped her land her coveted outpatient therapy job.

So what if the job was in little Morris, Minn., one of Big Stone’s many locations. She relished the idea of getting some on-the-job experience in a smaller community. “I thought later I would move back to South Dakota,” Chelsea admits.

What she didn’t expect was fate stepping in. Fate, wearing the wings of Cupid!

“I ended up meeting Todd, my husband, on a blind date,” that was arranged by coworkers, Chelsea smiled.

Todd grew up in North Dakota. Yes, that’s right: South Dakota marries North Dakota and lives in Minnesota! Now expecting their first child, Chelsea is really happy and settled into their adopted town of Morris.

“I found it easy to make friends when I first moved here,” Chelsea said. “People in this area are just fantastic; they genuinely care about you.”

Morris just has this real community feel, she notes. “It’s a community where people show up, where people are involved. They are definitely not spectators.

“I’m a big basketball fan,” she continues. She joins Todd - who at 6-foot-5 played hoops - at local college and high school games. “We like to go to the state parks, running, hiking and camping,” she said, and Todd also umpires for baseball.

Chelsea said Morris also has a great library. “They are always hosting a lot of programs for the community.”

Chelsea and Todd

Chelsea and Todd

She feels strongly that working at Big Stone Therapies not only led her to meet her husband, it turned out to be the type of employer everyone wants. “I feel at work they encourage us to follow our dreams,” she said, and notes that the company employs several married couples.

“The past five years have gone by fast,” Chelsea laughs. “I am so happy here!”

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