Rachel Stone has a heart to serve and a story to match!

Moorhead’s Rachel Stone has a heart to serve.

She also has the resume and a new company that proves it!

Growing up in Chicago, Rachel was the oldest in the family. At 19 she met and married Timothy and was soon blessed with children. However, when her father Paul received a pastoral call to serve in Fargo, there was no doubt: the family was moving.

That meant Timothy left a good job in Chicago, so Rachel admits moving was a leap of faith. “I believe God has a plan and purpose for our lives,” she said.

Some of her education you might say was in the school of life. She was a stay-home mom for “a long time” and also tackled some health issues.

Rachel Stone believes in giving back to her community and she has a passion for helping kids!

Rachel Stone believes in giving back to her community and she has a passion for helping kids!

As a young mother, she was also getting used to the her new Moorhead/Fargo community. “I had lots of doubts,” she admits. “I didn’t think we fit in, we didn’t know anybody. It was scary.”

The self-doubt Rachel harbored at the time was eventually managed and she turned the social calendar corner when her oldest of three boys started the Head Start program and she became involved in a parent committee. “I found another place to give back and I knew I had to do something to make an impact. I’m not the kind of person who can just sit back and watch things unfold,” she said.

Rachel then volunteered and eventually worked part-time for the Fargo public schools for more than three years. While there, she saw a need, a supportive services gap for both teachers and students that eventually led her to her current job.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

Rachel received another confidence builder when she was asked if she would be interested in competing in the Mrs. North Dakota competition. Living then in Fargo, she took the challenge on a whim but when she was runner-up the first year, the door was left open for another crack at the title.

Meet Mrs. North Dakota International 2006, Rachel Stone.

As the first African American woman to be crowned Mrs. North Dakota International, Rachel built upon her passion for youth and became a national spokesperson for the Head Start program.

Talk about giving back!

So fast forward. The family has moved to Moorhead and Rachel worked for Horizon Middle school for about three and a half years, but left that position in February of 2018 for something special.

Remember the life skills gap Rachel saw in the elementary schools? A little over a year ago, Rachel built upon that awareness and founded P’s & Q’s Etiquette, a nonprofit whose mission is to “empower young girls and boys with knowledge and leadership skills for their fullest potential.”

“We focus on teaching the kids life skills, from manners to creating and reaching goals,” Rachel said. “I believe we all go through challenges in life.  A good role model can make a difference.”

Rachel loves living in Moorhead. She thinks the schools have been very supportive and she enjoys knowing the neighbors. “It’s a great place to raise a family.”

And she’s doing everything she can to help those families out.