For Moorhead's Trevor Magnuson, an accounting career didn't add up

Editor’s Note: We ran into Trevor Magnuson last month during Greater Moorhead Days where we was busy promoting recreational offerings. He moved to Moorhead/Fargo this year, working as a recreation specialist with City of Moorhead-Parks and Rec. He’s a busy guy, so an email Q&A was perfect!

Tell us about some of your favorite memories growing up in Minot, North Dakota.

At Moorhead Days, Trevor played the stacking cups game with kids.

At Moorhead Days, Trevor played the stacking cups game with kids.

I was real active growing up and played basketball for Minot High. We had a big lot next to our place in town where we played a ton of whiffle ball growing up. We would have about 6-to-10 neighborhood kids playing almost every night of the summer.

How did you get into the “sports biz?”

After high school I enrolled at Minot State University, eventually going into accounting as my mother just opened up her own accounting firm.

Christmas of my junior year I had a cousin tell me that accounting would be too boring for me! I took that to heart and started looking for a different path. Because I was so involved in sports, I looked for a sports-related degree and transferred to Minnesota State University in Mankato.

It was a ways from home, but I looked at it as a good opportunity to grow up a bit and try something new. I am a big Momma’s boy so I had trouble telling my parents about my decision to transfer! But I knew that I had to start doing what was best for me no matter how it would make others feel because life is short.

After college, where did you end up?

Starting in May of 2016, I began running events for Rochester (Minn.) Sports. My focus was on our baseball, basketball, slow-pitch softball, and lacrosse. Our role in the community was to bring events into town to increase visitor spending. We were a separate organization but our funding came from the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau and the lodging tax.

I had some great experiences working there. A staff member and I started an Early Bird Basketball Tournament in 2017. The first year we had 111 teams and this year they are expecting over 250 teams. The champions of each division win a FROZEN TURKEY! rather than a traditional trophy. You’d be surprised about how excited the kids and parents get about winning that trophy!

So then it was on to Moorhead. Why and how was that?

I ended up accepting my position in Moorhead in April 2019. I worked with a lot of great people in Rochester and it is a great town for young professionals, but I was ready for something new and I knew that I wanted to move into Parks and Recreation.

I have a close friend that works for the Fargo Parks District. My predecessor and my friend at the Fargo Parks District told me about the job opening. I applied right away. I knew I would like working there if I could land the job!

The role in Moorhead lets me interact with the community, focus on the people who are here and help provide entertainment and something to do for the people in the area. Our fall events are kicking off now. I get to put my mark on them a bit, but still trying to execute the events as they have been done in the past and then assessing what I would want to do different the next time around. A few other responsibilities of mine include: sponsorships, advertising, canoe/kayak rentals, and volunteer coordination.

What’s the best thing about your new job in Moorhead?

The part of the job that I have enjoyed the most is seeing the community interact with each other at one of our events. No matter the event, big or small, when people are out and socializing and enjoying themselves, that is a wonderful thing to experience.

Trevor loves working with people!

Trevor loves working with people!

It’s funny…when I told a few of my friends I was moving to the area the response I got was: “Why?” and “There’s nobody there.” They were quickly surprised when I told them the FM metro area has about 225,000 people. The growth that this area is going through is tremendous and it is easy to find something to do any night of the week.

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention winter recreation! Do you like winters?

I’m not sure too many people enjoy winter! (Laughs) They may enjoy some of the activities, but not the cold itself!

I grew up and lived in Minot for 21 years, and then Rochester is as far south as I have lived so I am used to cold and windy winters. There comes a point that cold is just cold and it all feels the same for me.

I am hoping to get on a rec team this winter. I threw in a dart league last year in Rochester and would like to continue to do that. I had a 2.42 MPR in Cricket if any dart players are reading this and need a player!

What do you enjoy on your days off?

On my days off I enjoy just being around friends and family and having a good time. Whether that be going to a game, catching a happy-hour, or just hanging out at home playing cards with them.

Speaking of family…any future family plans?

I moved to Fargo single, but I would like to have a family one day. And hopefully have an impact on my kids like my parents had on me.

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