Zach loves hunting and fishing. So he moved back home.


When Zach Good graduated with a degree in finance from North Dakota State University in Fargo, he started working in a Fargo bank. Yet it wasn’t long before he decided to move back home.

Fergus Falls is less than an hour south along the interstate, but Zach had two good reasons to move back. “Hunting and fishing,” he smiles. “Hunting and fishing.”

Don’t worry, Mom. He said he also moved back to be closer to family.

It was after moving back that Zach wanted to use his new college degree. He called Security State Bank in town and asked what they had for a job. “I like the thought of a small town bank, locally owned,” Zach said.

That was a happy occasion because, yes, Security did have a job open and Zach was well qualified.

Fast forward almost three years and Zach has moved up from that first job as a Security State Bank teller to a customer service position. “I had an opportunity right away,” he said.

Zach is only 25 and admits Fergus Falls doesn’t have the night life of the big city. But it doesn’t have the headaches, either. He finds fun at the golf course, an occasional movie and, of course, there’s always a fishing line to cast and a pheasant to hunt.

It’s great to be home.