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Learn What’s New in Your Home Town

Take a break from shopping and join us for coffee on December 22

Four communities are putting out the holiday welcome mat and donning on their tour guide cap to brag about some great things happening, starting with new construction. OK, so it’s not Minnesota nice to brag, but your hometown has some exciting news to share.

Because Christmas is on a Tuesday, many travelers will enjoy a 4-day holiday. If you’re back home for the 4-day holiday weekend, take a little time to find out what’s new in your hometown anytime between 9 a.m. and noon on Saturday, Dec. 22. There’s lots to catch up on!




Join us for coffee and learn about the latest developments…

Fergus Falls


This town event will surprise you; it takes place in 3 LOCATIONS!

Battle Lake


Battle Lake demonstrates how a community comes together!


This incredible new learning space makes Yellowjacket alumni proud!